Christmas Wreath (NZ Pine)

Christmas Wreath (NZ Pine)

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This is our most natural looking of our wreath range.

This wreath is 24" and it's branches are made from thicker wire than our other wreaths, making them more robust. The needles on each brand are also longer and stronger, ensuring that this wreath holds it's shape well.

This is a simple wreath that is perfect for anyone wanting a more simple look for their Christmas Decor.

Love the look but want it to be a bit more full? Easy! Simple add add a piece of garland and you have a larger and fuller wreath. Yes, this is also something we do in store when customers ask. 


Looking after your wreath:

  • While they are suitable for outdoors, avoid placing them in direct sunlight all day. Sunlight will fade almost everything placed in it for long enough
  • Store your wreath a a box slightly larger than it to avoid squashing the pine needles - this will ensure the wreath keeps it's shape year after year
  • When attaching decorations, you can either wire them in or use a hot glue gun to attach them (this is what we do in store).